Quick Hairstyles

Some Quick And Easy Hairstyles For Women

Mornings can be really busy as you need to complete a lot of tasks. Perhaps you need to get the kids ready, get yourself ready for work or school, and maybe prepare breakfast along with a pile of other tasks too. Today, we are going to make an assumption that every day you want to look great. However, are you thinking that you don’t have time for fancy hairstyles in the morning right? Regularly using a hair straightener or styling with a curling wand when minutes are precious can become somewhat of a chore. Well, the cold winters hidden under hats don’t give you an excuse to avoid paying a little more attention to a good hairstyle each morning either. So for all those who want to look and feel beautiful every day, we have found some quick solutions. Here are four quick hairstyles that can be done under a minute. Let’s get started!

The Three Tiered High Ponytail

Three Tiered High PonytailThe timeless ponytail has so many variations that it’s always a winner now whether for work, school, or just a laze around the home. It can be worn by women and girls for both formal and informal, and can be done in relatively not time at all. Three is always better than one, and when it comes to a high ponytail, the three tiered high ponytail will add a major oomph to your updo. Start by picking up 3 same colored hair ties and pull up your locks in a high ponytail. Next, grab a small section from the ponytail and wrap it around the top hair tie. Lift up half the ponytail and thoroughly backcomb it. Lightly smooth out any wispy hair on the top. Next use your second hand to tie and fasten it around the ponytail at about 1/3 of the way down. Finish out the three tiered ponytail by fastening the last tie on the bottom 3rd of the hair.

The Knotted Side Pony

Knotted Side PonytailWhen it comes to a business meeting or job interview, first impression is everything. If you too want to make an impressive first impression but are running short on time, try out the knotted side ponytail. This one can look formal and sophisticated, but is also subtle depending on the attire. Personalize it too by choosing the number of knots; a few at the top, or perhaps run down the full length depending on how much time you have. Start by separating the hairs in two sections. Pull the back section to the front and hold it down. Loop the front section and pull the hairs into a simple knot. Double knot the braid and pull back tight. Secure it with elastic or a pin. Use the comb to settle the ponytail and you are ready.

The Knot Braid

The Knot BraidIf you are looking for an interesting yet easy hairstyle, be it work, school or for a casual night out, this one should impress you and everyone you encounter. Perhaps not the smartest for the formal events such as business meetings and interviews, but still mesmerizing nonetheless. Start by bringing all your hair to one side and grab a section from the back. Divide the chosen section in two pieces and tie a knot by wrapping it around outside of the hair. Next, take the two pieces behind the large section and criss-cross them. Keep adding smaller section, wrap and tie. Continue knotting and keep adding the pieces until you reach the end. Once you have reached the end, close off with a hair tie and tug the knots to create a fuller braid.

The Rope Braid Ponytail

The Rope Braid PonytailAnother very quick and easy hairstyle to start your day with is the The Rope Braid Ponytail. Common with celebrities such as Selena Gomez, this one looks great whatever the occasion or attire, and what’s best is that not only is it one of the quickest it’s also possibly the easiest. Start by brushing your hair smooth and then pull together in a high ponytail. Separate your ponytail in two different sections and begin twisting counter clockwise. Once it is completely twisted, twist the two of them together around each other in the opposite direction i.e. clockwise. Finally, fan out the braid by pulling on the sections to make it look thicker.

So whether you are running short of time or  just don’t fancy the effort each and every morning, these trendy hairstyles will make life much easier.

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