Things To Consider When Buying A Hair Straightener

People are willing to spend a huge amount of money just to get the desired look for their hair. In fact, men and women combine to make it a billion dollar industry worldwide. And considering that it’s your crowning glory, you need to make sure it looks exactly how you picture it when at its best.

Whether it’s long or short, straight hair is a wanton goal for many women today. Some women are born with naturally straight hair, but for others, getting that look can be a timely and costly chore most mornings. Having frizz-free glossy straight hair is considered a timeless beauty. Unfortunately, genetics and even health play a huge role in how your hair looks, often being curly or wavy to say the least. Over the years, women of all ages invest time and money on hair straightening products just to achieve this classic and beautiful look.

In this article we go a little further in depth on the priceless tool in most women’s gadget collection, also known as her flat irons.

How Do Hair Straighteners Work?

A hair straightener is basically a flat iron, which is also the common name for the same item. What it does is flatten with heat the kinks in each strand. As it flattens the follicles, you get to achieve the silky straight looks you always wanted. But of course, not all straighteners are the same. There are those that can damage your hair too. Here are things that you want to consider if you wish to purchase a pair of the best hair straighteners.

Always Consider Your Texture

Choosing flat irons for thick hair can be tricky. It requires more than your average straightener to get the desired effect. In fact, to achieve best results you will need to have a straightener that can heat up to very high temperatures. Also, try to find something which has wider plates for easy straightening and taming of thick locks.

On the other hand, if you’re after some flat irons for fine hair, then it’s a good idea not go too high on the temperature settings. Additionally, it is a good idea to stick with products that have digital technology to set the most accurate temperature so chances of damaging your follicles is reduced. Wide or narrow plates work just as good with fine hair.

Material Of The Plates

Ceramic platesIt is also important to consider the material of the straightening plates. Typically there are three main types of plates that most flat irons come with. These are ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium.

Ceramic plates are a popular option for a lot of women, considering how ceramic plates heat up quickly and encourage even heat distribution.Generally the more expensive models have full ceramic plates, but the cheaper options may only have a ceramic covering which isn’t so great. If possible, opt for a fully ceramic plate.

Another great option for consumers is the tourmaline plate. It is often infused into ceramic, and tends to provide a beautiful shiny finish due to the amount of negative ions it produces, which when come into contact with the positive ions in the dry hair makes for a glossy frizz-free mane.

Titanium flat irons are also preferred by a lot of individuals that have thick hair. The reason behind this is that it can reach high temperatures faster than ceramic straighteners. It can also hold heat consistently at high temperature. In addition to this, titanium is also lightweight.

Additional Features

Given the advanced designs of flat irons, it is also a good idea to be particular about these things in order to maximize what you get from the product. For instance, built in comb teeth and steam can help perform better than your ordinary straighteners. Also, consider things like cord length because you’ll soon realize how annoying a short cord can be when you take it away on vacation or for a sleepover at your girlfriends house. Try to purchase something with multiple heat settings, and better yet, a digital display is ideal as it provides more accuracy as to the selected heat setting.


Investing on a set of high quality irons can go a long way. By using these tips, you should be prepared now to find the right product without risking permanent damage to your locks. Keep in mind that exposing your follicles constantly to very high temperatures every now and then can also damage your hair. It is best that you have the right diet and appliances that can help minimize these types of damage.

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