List Of The Best Curling Irons and Wands In The Market Today

Woman adds curls to her hairThere are many hair curling tools available for sale on the market today. One of the most popular types that has been getting plenty of attention and praise is known as the curling wand. More and more women are investing in these nifty little gadgets, making it almost an essential item alongside the hair straightener and blow dryer. Having the best curling wand can come in handy for different scenarios regardless of whether you are looking for that sophisticated red carpet look or just some casual waves.

There are various ways for a woman to add curls to her hair. Some women prefer to use a flat iron to create curls whilst others prefer to use a curling wand, or more traditionally a curling iron. The latter were extremely popular in the past, but when wands came out, it decreased in popularity. If you are new to these or are just starting out styling your locks, this option provides better control compared to other hair curling tools out there. However, not all curling wands and irons are considered good. There are certain characteristics that you need to consider before you consider making that purchase.

The Top 10 Hair Curling Tools

1BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Conicurl1.25 - 0.75250-4505015.5 x 2.2 x 3
2Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret1 - 0.5Up to 40023.5 x 6 x 13
3Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic1 - 0.5Up to 40053.8 x 11.8 x 9.5
4Xtava Satin Wave 5-in-1Various250-410916.7 x 3.5 x 4.3
5Xtava Auto Styler1.1210-4301112 x 5 x 2
6Remington CI9538 T Studio1.5 - 1Up to 410Yes12.9 x 1.9 x 2.1
7Remington CI96X1B T Studio1.5 - 1Up to 410Yes2 x 4.8 x 14.1
8Revlon Curl Collection Bubble1.25Up to 430Yes 2 x 6.1 x 16
9Revlon Perfect Heat1.5Up to 4203015 x 4 x 2.5
10Conair Instant Heat1.5tbc25 2.5 x 15 x 6

6 Tips On Choosing The Best Hair Curling Tools

#1 – Price

When it comes to choosing the best curling wand or iron, as a rule of thumb, always have a maximum budget in mind. Cheap curling wands are available and plentiful, and so are ones which are expensive. It depends mainly on the technology and material used on the item, and in some scenarios, the reputation of the brand also affects how the product is priced. Is the most expensive always the best option? This isn’t always the case. There are items that are cheap in price but could provide a better performance for the individual than more expensive options. For example some people may like a tapered barrel hence paying slightly more, whilst others will be happy with a straight and uniform barrel which tend to be cheaper.

#2 – Safety Features

Always consider safety as a priority. Since curling wands involve heat, you don’t want to overheat this particular item near other things inside the house that can start an accident. Therefore make sure you check whether the device has an auto shut off feature. Although these are almost standard across the huge array of models, it’s always good to double check. The best curling wands in the market today offer both heat resistant gloves and an auto shut off feature. This prevents any type of problem that could come from the item regardless if it is accidental fire or injuries on your hands.

#3 – Hair Friendly Material

curling iron vs curling wandAnother important feature that you always need to check is the material used to manufacture the heated iron. Is it considered hair friendly? Ceramic is among the most popular material used in the market today for hair curling tools; it guarantees evenly distributed heat. The right material can also guarantee less or no breakage on your hair.

#4 – Heat Settings

Not everyone using these is a hair styling expert. It has to be easy to use especially for those with no experience using one before. It is imperative to consider the time needed for the product to heat up. Good curling irons usually take around half a minute to heat up and be ready to use. However it’s not just about how quick it heats up. Another important heat related variable is the max operating temperature, and how many heat settings it has in-between. For example, the best curling iron will generally have a wide temperature scale of operation, and maxing at approximately 420°F. Having a wide temperature scale often means more settings, making the experience more customizable for the user.

#5 – Warranty

Durability is also another consideration that you will have to look at. You can gauge the durability of an item not only by reading the testimonials of people who used the products, but also by looking at the warranty. Most of the best curling irons will easily long outlive their warranty, which is usually approximately one year at least, but it’s always useful to have a comprehensive and lengthy warranty with the product for added peace of mind.

#6 – Barrel Type

There are times when women want the tiny little bouncy curls while there are instances when it’s the pretty big curls instead. How do you achieve these styles without buying a new curling wand for each style? Well it’s very easy; this is possible when the product you bought has a tapered barrel type. When looking at the specification of the barrel it will either be listed as something like 1″, or 0.5 – 1.” The latter is a tapered one, and means you’ll easily have the ability to create different sized curls with one product.

Curling Wand & Iron Reviews

Remington CI9538 T Studio (Wand)

Remington C19538 T Studio Salon Pearl Digital CeramicThe CI9538 T Studio Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic is among the elite and is possibly Remington’s best curling wand in the market today. It makes use of pearl ceramic surface which guarantees even distribution of heat when applied to your hair. It heats up to 410° F which is the optimum salon temperature and has many other heat settings to try if required. Cone shaped, this item can create curls with varying dimensions depending on your styling requirements. It also has an easy to use digital control and display which enables even first time users to curl hair with a wand easily and quickly according to their needs. The swivel cord is extremely handy too. With a limited 4 year warranty and for the price, this is a top rated product which comes highly recommended.

Conair Infiniti Pro (Wand)

Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline CeramicIf you are looking for luscious free flowing curls and styling that is made easy, the Conair Infiniti Pro curling iron is a great option for you. The easy to use tapered wand can help you achieve freedom in styling your hair no matter what type of curls you’d like. Known for its no clamp, just wrap feature, it provides fast and easy curls with minimal damage to your hair with no kinks. It makes use of tourmaline ceramic material to distribute the heat evenly across the surface of the device which leaves a frizz free finish. It reaches up to 400°F within 30 seconds and has an auto shut off feature after 60 minutes for added safety. Supplied with a generous 5 year warranty, there is not much we can fault the Conair Infiniti Pro for.

Revlon Perfect Heat (Wand)

Revlon Perfect HeatThe Revlon Perfect Heat is another great option that you can choose. It makes use of a triple layered ceramic technology that allows the users to have an easier and healthier styling experience. Being a tapered curling wand, it can create the bouncy, loose and beach waves that you have always wanted for your hair. The product has a sleek modern design that allows easy grip and safety features that not all products have. It offers not only an ergonomic grip, but also provides free gloves and an auto shut off feature to prevent accidents inside your home. Backed by a 2 year warranty, it quickly turns up to 420°F, and with a whopping 30 heat settings, it’s no wonder the device is aptly named Perfect Heat.

Remington CI96X1B T Studio (Wand)

Remington CI96X1B T StudioThis brand is no stranger when it comes to good curling wands and hair styling tools in general, and for that matter, the Remington CI96X1B T Studio simply put is one of a kind. It makes use of a tapered barrel that ranges from 1 inch to 1.5 inches in thickness. This allows women to choose how they want their curls to be. In just 30 seconds you will be able to use this curling wand in optimum salon temperature of 410 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike many others in the same price range, this Remington makes use of real silk protein infused into the ceramic coating technology to allow no tangles and healthier hair. It also has a state of the art safety feature that shuts down the device after 60 minutes of being idle. It includes a heat resistant glove that prevents injuries and comes with a lengthy 4 year limited warranty.

Xtava Satin Wave 5-in-1 (Iron and Wand Set)

Xtava Satin Wave 5-in-1 Curling Iron and Wand SetIf you are looking for a multi-functional hair curling tool, the Xtava Satin Wave Iron and Wand Set is a great option that you should check out. It makes use of rapid heating technology that allows you to use the device in just seconds. It reaches the 410 degree Fahrenheit optimum temperature fast. In addition to this, it also offers five different ceramic tourmaline interchangeable barrels for the many different styles that anyone could possibly want. Included in the item is an eight feet 360 degree swivel cord. This allows you to have the freedom to move around when using the device, which is also known for being traveler friendly. With universal dual voltage feature, it can be used in any part of the world. Along with this Xtava curling iron is a heat resistant bag for easy packing and glove for safe handling.

Revlon Curl Collection Bubble (Wand)

Revlon Curl Collection Bubble Curling Wand with Ceramic TechnologyThe Revlon Curl Collection Bubble curling wand is an item that is considered a must have for women who love a curly and wavy hairstyle. It allows them to take control of their hair without relying on the local salon. It heats up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in just 30 seconds and operates on dual voltage, which simply means you can take it to any country along your international vacation routes. Upon purchasing the item, it also includes a bonus glove which promotes safety. It makes use of ceramic technology which can prevent damaging the hair, and allows even heating distribution which gives you better control when using the device.

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Conicurl (Iron)

BaBylissPro Nano Titanium ConicurlSearching for the best curling iron will bring you close to a BaByliss Pro, which are known worldwide as a leader in hair tools. Used both by experts and novices, the BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium is a great product that can help bring professional hair styling in the comfort of your home. It has one inch to half inch cone shaped tapered barrel options to give you the desired curl that you prefer to have. It is also lightweight weighing only around 1.19 pounds. With a whopping 50 heat settings and an operating temperature ranging from 250 – 450°F, this is definitely one of the top rated and recommended choices for 2017.

Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret

Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl SecretThe feature packed Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret is a one of a kind device designed to style your hair. With tourmaline ceramic technology, it evenly heats while you curl your hair which is left frizz free and with minimal damage unlike most cheap curling devices. The Curl Secret has two heat levels and operating temperature that reaches up to 400°F to promote long lasting curls and waves to its users. Being more of a technology filled gadget than a simple curling tool, it makes use of precision styling technology with its professional brushes and long life motor, which is guaranteed to last for years and backed with a 5 year limited warranty. It is energy efficient, not to mention an included a sleep mode, auto shut off, safety sensor, and much more.

Conair Instant Heat (Iron)

Conair Instant HeatThe Conair Instant Heat is an extremely popular device because of its durable and reliable design. It makes use of uniform heat recovery system which allows less damage to be done on your locks during styling applications. Unlike others it is not tapered, but has a 1.5 inch barrel coated in chrome, nickel, copper and steel which combine to created flawless medium sized curls. It has the all important auto shut off feature which prevents problems from occurring when it is idle for too long, and also has 25 heat settings which is more than suffice for most. All offered at a relatively cheap price, makes this close to being the best curling iron in 2017.

Xtava Auto Styler (Iron)

Xtava Auto StylerUnlike any of the other curling iron reviews we have listed here, the Xtava Auto Styler is a bi-directional auto rotating curling iron that comes with a non-tapered ceramic tourmaline 1.1 inch thick barrel. Ranging from 210 – 430°F, it also has 11 temperature settings to choose from which are visible on an LCD screen. It is travel friendly as it offers dual voltage feature which allows for usage regardless of whether it’s a 220V or 110V outlet. This slick looking Xtava curling iron has everything you need plus some, including the auto shutoff, 8 foot 360° swivel cord, built-in clip and much more.