Choosing The Best Hair Dryer 2017: Top Tips & Reviews

Hair Dryer ReviewsEvery well-prepared person should put some money into buying a good hair dryer, whether it’s to look great for work, to gussy up for the occasional fancy event or a combination of daily and frequent use. A bathroom essential of this magnitude must make sense in the context of your lifestyle, hair type and level of patience, not just preexisting brand loyalty. Compared to the last time you bought a hair dryer, it might not even be necessary to spend a great deal on a product that works fast and well.

We all know that nowadays there is way too much choice out there, whether you’re after the best hair straightener or blow dryer, narrowing down which one of the hundreds for sale is a mammoth task especially for the indecisive among us. Well that’s why we’re here to help. Take a look at our top rated hair dryer reviews and quick summary below to gauge which is the best choice for you and your needs.

The Top 10 Hair Dryers

1Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium200091.8 lbs4
2RUSK w8less200081 lbs2
3RUSK Speed Freak2000812.8 ozTBC
4BaByliss PRO Ceramix Extreme200091 lbs3
5MHD Professional 1875w18758.714.1 oz1
6xtava Allure22007.3TBC1
7Conair Cord Keeper 187518754TBC3
8Conair 1875187551.5 lbs2
9Revlon RV544187561 lbs3
10Remington AC2015 T Studio187551 lbs4

4 Tips On Buying The Best Hair Dryer

#1 – Watts / Power

Anyone who’s used even a top rated hair dryer in a new outlet has probably felt some apprehension plugging in their high-powered appliance, and sometimes the untimely end of a tool will happen suddenly and electrically without fault of the consumer…or even the manufacturer. If you feel any doubt about these kinds of capabilities, read a product’s manual carefully and be ready to purchase power converters for the good of your investment. If all else fails, dive headfirst into the parameters of your dryer’s warranty.

Wattage matters if you have old wiring in your house or apartment, so use caution if the wattage on a given product is higher than 1500 and the building you’re in was built before 1950. There’s also the question of accidentally running up your utility bill with an advanced blow dryer, thus making conversion math a necessary chore in certain scenarios. Higher wattage on a blow dryer does not always mean higher quality, but it can mean getting quicker results.

#2 – Hair Type / Damage

According to Marie Claire, the best blow dry method is when done in moderation, especially if you are quite new to blowdrying. Most often, we have enough time to towel dry or let air do some of the work, using a heated appliance to make clean, healthy hair look even better—but these tools also create wonderful results in a pinch. Regardless of time available, always add heat protectant spray and/or strengthening serum to protect from breakage and frying, and to achieve the salon-quality results promised by the manufacturer.

When using a blow dryer after a shower or bath, try to hold the appliance a generous distance from your head to avoid overheating and scalp pain. Don’t overestimate how much heat and pressure your hair actually needs—thin-haired people shouldn’t blast their fine strands until their wrists cramp, and thick-haired people should section off layers of locks that are already dry while doing wet patches.

#3 – Attachments

hair dryer attachmentsConcentrator and hair diffuser attachments are easily confused and are many times not included with dryers for those who need the add-ons. Concentrators are more commonly given in the package with dryers and will tighten the flow of heat to a smaller area, which works well with manual round brush curling and drying bangs. A diffuser is intended to fan out the air current to better prep naturally curly and wavy hair. When a diffuser is necessary and doesn’t come in your blow dryer box, you can put a sock around the mouth of the product for a similar effect, or purchase an independently made, adjustable diffuser sleeve, which are usually very cheap to buy.

#4 – Noise

A cheap hair dryer is second only to vacuums when it comes to irritating, yet inevitable household sounds. Luckily, technology has made great strides in limiting the annoyance of doing one’s hair: a useful rule of thumb regarding noise is that the longer the item’s wind tunnel, the quieter the appliance. Any attachment placed on the mouth end will also reduce its disruption.

Hair Dryer Reviews

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium DryerTo combat the common-yet-specific problem of arm fatigue while doing one’s huge, thick head of hair, what could be better than getting the lightest drying tool possible? The BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium dryer weighs less than a pound and spiffs up dense locks quickly with 2000 watts of ionic force, six heat controls, two speeds and a final blast of cold air. It has the ability to get almost too hot, so double up on heat protectant before styling. Save for the black concentrator attachment and black heat/speed toggles, the device has baby blue metallic sheen with pearly gray accents on its sides. Like the BaByliss PRO Ceramix Extreme, the Pro Nano Titanium spoils customers with a nine-foot power cord and a removable, easy-to-clean lint filter, but has a longer warranty of four years making it overall one of the most popular and perhaps the best hair dryer on the market so far this year.

RUSK w8less

Rusk w8lessThis popular company’s chic-looking “w8less” professional hair dryer, given its above-average size, might as well weigh nothing at roughly one pound, and at 2000 watts, the powerful appliance will make drying a much faster step in your beauty routine. Its exterior is almost all an elegant shade of off-white—even its extra-long 8’ cord. Unlike most in its price range, the RUSK w8less has three speeds and three temperatures in addition to a cool-shot button, but it doesn’t come with a diffuser, just a concentrator. Still, the lightweight hair dryer won’t tire out your arm after styling all around the head, and the long wind tunnel of the design cuts down significantly on disruptive noise from using the product. The warranty on the RUSK w8less expires after two years.

RUSK Speed Freak

RUSK Speed FreakQuite possibly the best hair dryer for curly hair, this one is marketed toward impatient heads; the aptly-named RUSK Speed Freak takes yours from wet to silky and fabulous in a snap. The core differences between the Speed Freak and the w8less model, aside from a pound of extra weight, is the color scheme (Speed Freak is all black with light blue accents) and this devices use of infrared heat to intensify results. Otherwise, details like cord length, warranty expiration and temperature/speed settings are the same as those of the previously described RUSK hair dryer. It’s most suitable for heavy-duty follicles like very wavy, kinky and curly types, and people with fragile or thin mops should exercise caution or purchase a companion hair diffuser. The RUSK may work exceptionally well with curly and thick hair, but also does wonders for any lengths, texture and style, leaving it frizz and static free in no time at all.

BaByliss PRO Ceramix Extreme

BaBylissPRO Ceramix Extreme DryerThis “extreme” blow dryer produces tremendous results for people with short, frizzy hair, blasting off excess moisture with a powerful AC motor and infrared heat. Weighed down by ceramic and almost hitting two pounds, the BaByliss PRO Ceramix Extreme is a durable, rubbery, 2000-watt professional hair dryer which has an all-black exterior and a bulb-like shape to its design, looking like an appropriate choice for male and female buyers. Users may choose between two speeds, three styling temperatures and a chilly blast function. Nine feet of room to move with the power cord balances out simply having a concentrator nozzle in the package, without a diffuser to match. BaByliss PRO has a stellar reputation among pros, but just in case, the warranty lasts three years which is more than most of the other hair dryer reviews we have looked at.

MHD Professional 1875w

MHD Professional 1875wFashionable while still being effective, MHD’s infra-red light ceramic hair dryer literally emits a fiery red light from its wind tunnel as it dries, adding volume whilst taming frizzy hair at the same time. It’s also crafted for stealthy and polite usage, letting out a low noise that’s quieter and more low-pitched than competing tools, even with the strength of 1875 watts. The somewhat-heavy device has a hang ring at the base of a 8.7’ power cord for convenience, two speeds, three heat settings and a chilly blast for finishing touches. In terms of style, the blow dryer with diffuser is a matte black color throughout, except for light gray accents on the pleasant-to-touch handle, and comes with a concentrator too. Although the warranty only lasts a year, there is no reason why this salon grade professional hair dryer should disappoint.

xtava Allure

xtava AllureProportionally enticing and with slick details often seen on sports cars, the xtava Allure is as reliable as it is aesthetically pleasing—at 2200 watts, the manufacturer’s claim that the tool saves its users 80% more time getting ready doesn’t seem outlandish. Fairly lightweight at 1.2 lbs., one might not expect such magnitude from the xtava hair dryer, and the wind tunnel muffles a lot of its actual noise into tolerable sounds of operation. The removable filter looks like a a metal loudspeaker covering, although clearly made of lighter material upon closer inspection. With three heat controls, two speeds, a cold shot button and an included concentrator, the mighty current of negative ions can be made gentler or more intense. Its cord stretches out to 7.3’, a comfortable amount of space to move about. In the mid-range category of blow dryers, xtava evidently has the highest power and style payoff of all the major contenders, and actually looks fit to be used in a salon with a classy, all-black exterior. Its only failing is xtava’s one-year warranty which may put off a skeptical customer, however as you’ll find with a majority of the other hair dryer reviews, one year is common and probably not really a genuine cause for concern.

Conair Cord Keeper 1875

Conair Cord KeeperFor people who value saving space and money, the deep pink 1875 watt Conair Cord Keeper makes sure bathroom countertops look tidy and safeguards against accidents involving kids and pets. The regrettably short four-foot cord retracts into the bottom end when tugged, making this product great for traveling or home styling visits. Unlike its non-retractable Conair hair dryer sibling reviewed below, the Cord Keeper doesn’t make a lot of sound, but features the same hinged filter, heat and speed combinations and also includes the complimentary hair diffuser and concentrator attachments. Claiming up to 75% less frizz and protection against heat damage, this one has a loud bark for the low price tag. Praiseworthy enough is the durability and convenience of this product, backed up with a generous three-year warranty.

Conair 1875

Conair 1875A commonly used, small-budget friendly styling staple, the Conair 1875 watt tourmaline ceramic hair dryer lives up to its humble promises. At 1.5 lbs, the tool won’t become too heavy and burdensome after a bit of use, and with three heat levels, two speeds and an icy smoothing blast button, styling is customizable. Negative ions in the device claim to tame frizzy hair by 75% effectiveness, and added into the deal are attachments (a diffuser and a concentrator) for drying kinky or very wavy hair. After many styling sessions, the product can be cleaned of lint by unhinging the filter’s grille in the back. Its black exterior is discreet and the stem has a “no-slip” ergonomic texture. With this particular Conair hair dryer the failing would be the rather short five feet of cord and the amount of noise it makes when being used, especially considering the average level of wattage. If need be, warranty lasts for two years.

Revlon RV544

Revlon RV544This big-brand-name silver “triple ceramic” Tourmaline Ionic styling product from Revlon possesses the basic requirements of any good hair dryer: a simple 2 speed medium/high control, a cold blast setting and, without adding much extra cost, hair diffuser and concentrator attachments. Its handle curves just slightly and weight comes out to a manageable 1.7 lbs., with a six feet of power cord. Though it’s an affordable tool, the RV544 falls short in “drying fast”, but providing 1875 watts of force that very well could suit those with damaged or thin hair. Its warranty lasts three years, but this Revlon hair dryer may last longer without ever having to make a returns or repair claim.

Remington AC2015 T Studio

Remington AC2015Remington strikes again with an affordable yet luxurious installment of its Pearl Ceramic collection, which refers to the crushed pearl-infused ceramic technology, dressed up in lovely dark lavender hues and accents on the products that use this material combination. The bulky (around 2 lbs.) Remington hair dryer gets results done fast and under a quiet hum of 1875-watt air pressure, claiming up to a 40% faster drying time. Wrapped into this package are three options for heat, two for speed, a cold air toggle, a concentrator and a hair diffuser—all backed by a generous four-year warranty. If all this sounds too good to be true, it’s because the cord is just a bit too short for serious use at 5’ long.