Best Hair Clippers and Hair Cutting Kits Reviewed

Whether you are a professional hairdresser or you simply want to save money from going to the barber, a hair clipper can always come in handy. It functions to cut your hair and provide the best grooming solutions without using scissors manually. Having the right one can make a huge difference between keeping yourself looking sharp and looking like a mess. But what are the things that you should look into if you plan on buying one? Here are some of the things that you should look out for.

5 Tips On Buying The Best Hair Clippers

#1 – Check The Design

Different hair clippers have different designs. There are a lot of products in this particular niche. Making the right choice can make a huge difference on your experience in creating the best haircut. What should be the things that you should be very particular about? For instance, was the hair clipper ergonomically designed? Does it have the right colors that you are looking for? For those who are using clippers professionally, the black ones usually are the ones that are popular especially in a barbershop because it looks professional than those that have wild colors.

#2 – A Powerful Motor

In order to perform the right job, it is important to have a powerful motor. The motor should be able to tolerate long hours of use. It shouldn’t be too hot to touch. If you are going with a cordless model, it should be able to run for a decent amount of time in order to cut fully without any problems. And if you are really considering a cordless option, might as well check how much time is needed in order to charge the device fully.

#3 – Sharp Blades

Sharp blades mean quick and efficient hair cutting. If you are going to trim plenty and often because you are a hairdresser, make sure the blades are self-sharpening. Perhaps you’re a personal user, a mother or father who cuts your childrens hair. Fear not, sharp blades will not injure anyone, they are generally gaurded and designed in a way to simply cut hair, not skin or scalp.

#4 – Options To Choose From

It is important that you have different options when it comes to your hair clipper. Does it have adjustable blades and guide combs? This makes the job so much easier. If you are getting hair trimmers for your ears and nose, then you might not need these. However, if you choose a hair clipper that is going to be used for grooming one’s hair, you want to also know if they have these options. You also want to make sure that the guide combs are durable. Fragile ones usually make sounds and vibrate loudly while being used. And of course, it is also imperative that the hair clipper allows you to switch accessories easily without any problems.

#5 – Price Range

You also need to make sure that you consider the price of the hair clipper. And why not? There are high-end brands, while there are those hair clippers that are very economical in terms of price point. If you are a professional, by all means, you should invest in the high-end models that have a higher price point. On the other hand, if you simply need to trim your own hair every few months, you can settle to have the ones that are priced a bit lower than high-end brands.

Top 10 Hair Clippers Reviews

1. BuySShow Quiet Professional Hair Clippers Set

BuySShow Quiet Professional Hair Clippers SetThe BuySShow Quiet Professional Hair Clipper is a great option for both men and young children. It makes use of a Ceramic Titanium Blade that allows you to use the product for a long period of time. The R-shaped rounded edge design used on its blade makes sure that the clippers won’t hurt your skin like some of the older designs did. It also has an ultra-quiet and cordless function which is almost essential for home use nowdays. You can expect low vibration and only produces noise of around 50 dB. This means that it won’t upset or intimidate children that are having their haircut. It also has a precision motor that can cut with ease, and to top it all off the machine comes with a charging dock, 8 comb guides, 2 scissors, and a hairdressing cape.

2. Conair Simple Cut 12 Piece Haircut Kit

Conair Simple Cut 12 Piece Haircut KitA 12 piece haircut kit with 4 comb attachments, it is a highly versatile product that can be used in different scenarios around the home or in professional environments. It is a corded version that makes sure it runs continuously without any problem especially when used commercially in a hair salon or barber shop. The blades are guaranteed to remain sharp even after a good number of uses, which is a good thing if you plan to keep them for a while. Along with the attachments also comes some barber comb oil, a cleaning brush, a blade guard and a limited two-year warranty for added peace of mind.

3. Custom Cut by Conair 18 Piece Haircut Kit

Custom Cut by Conair 18 Piece Haircut KitThe Custom Cut by Conair is a great hair clipper that has 5 position taper and a 45mm stainless steel clipper blade. Its durable and sharp blade has the ability to cut and trim even if you’ve used it for quite some time. It also makes use of a metallic silver housing with blue molded insert that makes the device very professional looking. In terms of performance, it has 8 comb attachments that make hair cutting easy and fun, and comes with a barber comb, 2 styling clips, scissors, barber cape, blade guard, cleaning oil, cleaning brush, and a deluxe hard storage case.

4. OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor ClipperIf you are looking for a powerful and quiet hair clipper, the OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper makes a great candidate no doubt about it. The machine cuts through all types of hair effortlessly regardless if it is wet or dry. The whisper quiet motor is great for professional and home environments, especially when it comes to dealing with young children and babies who are sometimes scared of these devices. Oster’s pivot motor is claimed to be twice more powerful than a magnetic motor clipper. For the user, it has a very handy ergonomic and textured design that allows you to have an easy grip for added precision. It comes with four guide combs, not to mention an 8 foot power cord that allows mobility when cutting hair. If Burgandy isn’t your color, there are 8 others to choose from. Also in the box you get a blade guard, lubricating oil and a cleaning brush. Overall, an efficient, lighweight and quiet machine, the Oster is a good buy that is hard to flaw.

5. Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3000 (13 attachments)

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3000, 13 attachmentsKnown as their toughest multipurpose trimmer, this one is designed with self sharpening blades that have been reinforced with iron and tempered for guaranteed maximum strength. Philips claim that even if the tempered steel blades are rinsed frequently, the non-corrosive material will not rust, dull or break. This device is powered by a lithium battery that can run for 60 minutes. It also has reinforced design that prevents buckling and guarantees an even trim every single time. In the kit you get: a steel trimmer, a steel precision trimmer, a nose and ear hair trimmer, 3 trimming guards, 3 beard trimming guards, a stubble guard, an accessory storage bag, and a cleaning brush.The Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3000 is a great investment that can last for a long time if oiled, cleaned and cared for, however if you encounter any problems there is a 2 year warranty for extra protection.

6. Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self Haircut Kit (13 pieces)

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self Haircut KitThe Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self Haircut Kit is a great product that can help men maintain their hair by themselves. It fits in the palm and can easily reach the back of your head and neckline. The sharp stainless steel blades can cut even the thickest hair efficiently without any problem. It reduces pulling and snagging, making use of an extra-wide curved blade that contours on your head with maximum coverage that can result in a clean and close cut. It makes use of a rechargeable battery that allows the device to run cordlessly for 40 minutes, however if you prefer it can also be used with a wire offering versatility to its users. Included in the kit are the hand held clippers, 9 length adjusting combs, a cleaning brush, storage pouch, lubricating oil and a charging adaptor.

7. Remington HC5850 Hair Clippers & Beard Trimmer

Remington HC5850 Virtually Indestructible Haircut & Beard TrimmerAs the name suggests, yes, it is virtually indestructible. Made of high-quality materials, this 8 foot corded Remington hair clipper is a great option for barbers and hairdressers who need it to cut through all types of hair. It makes use of Powercut Blade System which allows you to have a smooth and easy cut every single time, and also utilizes a durable Super Magnet Motor that allows the blade to do perform fast and clean cuts whilst making minimal noise and vibrations. The 15 piece kit includes: 8 guide combs, barber scissors, cleaning brush, lubricating oil bottle, barber cape, blade guard, and a durable storage case. Backed by a lifetime warranty, this machine is a safe buy in 2017.

8. Remington HKVAC2000A Vacuum Haircut Kit

Remington HKVAC2000A Vacuum Haircut KitThis Remington trimmer has precision ground blades that can cut hair efficiently and quickly. It has a high-speed fan that makes sure that there is airflow to allow cleanup. It is a whopping 18-piece kit that gives you all the things you will need from length-altering combs to sectioning clips and even an oil bottle to ensure your trimmer stays lubricated and lasts years on end. It is one of those hair clippers that make use of a dual motor for added power. The first motor cuts while the other performs vacuum suction. It also has a huge chamber that collects everything with ease, so you don’t have to worry about the clean-up afterwards because a majority of the mess gathers into the chamber, making this a favorite for home use.

9. Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit

Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting KitThere are a lot of reasons why the Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit is the best investment that you can go for. It has a soft touch grip that allows users to use the hair trimmer comfortably and easily. Unfortunately, you will need to have an adaptor if you plan on bringing this hair clipper in other parts of the world. It has self-sharpening blades that are made of high-carbon steel. This means that it stays sharp for a very long time without any problem. It also has color coded keys that make it easy for you to find the right setting when cutting your hair. It also has a heavy-duty motor that can perform the job that needs to be accomplished. And lastly, it has adjustable taper lever which is great for getting the accurate length when required. This is a personal favorite of ours and is considered one of the best hair clippers on the market overall so far in 2017.

10. Wahl Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit

Wahl Elite Pro High Performance Haircut KitAnother popular product from Wahl is the Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit. It has a powerful motor that can efficiently cut hairs without any problems. In fact, Wahl advertises that the motor offers a lifetime of superior performance. It has self-sharpening blades which make it capable of performing the same way even if you already had the Wahl Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit for quite some time. It also has a SECURE-FIT stainless steel clip guide combs. It makes it possible to cut and trim easily. Unlike other hair clippers, this product is made in the US. It only means that you can guarantee the highest quality of workmanship in this particular product.  Unfortunately, though, it only has USA electrical outlets. You will still need to have a separate adaptor to make it work once you have it abroad.