Still Searching For The Best Hair Straightener? Read On..

Flat Iron ReviewsHair straighteners can become a crucial part of one’s routine, or provide an occasional glamorous look for a night out—whether you’re going for a flat, silky finish or use the styler to create big, bouncy curls. A quality device will last several years, and even the best flat iron these days won’t break the bank. Beauty consumers want heavily-used products like hair straighteners to be at least reliable, effective and aesthetically pleasing, as well as portable and travel-friendly. A bathroom essential that passes through your hair frequently must be of quality; don’t skimp on cheap flat irons, but be wary of lofty promises and make sure the product fits your needs. No matter what device you’re using, never make the mistake of straightening wet hair with a flat iron.

With so much choice on the market it can be sometimes heard to actually end up with the best hair straightener for your needs, and instead may end up spending money on something that isn’t purchase worthy, even if the price and looks may indicate otherwise. Before we head into our top 10 flat iron reviews, below we discuss some of the core things to consider before parting with your money.

The Top 10 Flat Irons

Max Temp
1GHD Classic 1 Inch Styler136592
2GHD Eclipse1365 in 20 seconds93
3Isa Professional Victorya1TBC62
4CHI Original Professional 11392TBC2
56th Sense Professional FH-11445 in 30 seconds5.754
6HSI Professional Ceramic145071
7Remington T Studio S9620B2455 in 15 seconds64
8xtava Pro-Satin Infrared2445 in 90 seconds82
9Remington S95202450 in 15 seconds64
10Remington S55001410 in 30 seconds72

Choosing The Best Flat Iron

Hair Type

Every person’s hair has suffered a different amount of damage, be it sun exposure, heat styling or years of color changes. Along with regular conditioning and hydrating products, take action to prevent further damage to your locks by using serum and heat protectant when blow drying, curling or straightening. When looking for a new smoothing device, people with brittle hair should seek out irons with adjustable heat settings, or those that have a fixed, but moderate temperature. Also, notice those straighteners that claim to be “one pass”: some theorize that the less time an iron is spent on your hair, the better, stopping it from frying.

Conversely, if you have to straighten thick hair, the follicles can handle higher temperatures and particularly stylers made of titanium. Coarse, full heads of hair that also happen to be long will benefit from a two-inch iron over a standard one-inch straightener, and vice versa for shorter-haired people. In fact, there are tiny hair straighteners on the market for baby hairs, bangs and other delicate areas. Tourmaline-ceramic irons will be generally easier on sensitive locks than those with more common straight ceramic plates.


Most bathroom situations are not ideal for comfortably styling hair, and even so, your frequently used appliances should be able to function outside your home (let alone in another country). A longer cord on a product is always preferable to one that hampers your mobility, but luckily almost all of the best flat irons for hair on the market have swivel cord bases. Depending on your lifestyle, it might be important to check that the device can operate in other countries or at a particular voltage.

Saving Energy And Time

Some flat irons for hair take longer to heat up than their competitors, which makes a difference when getting ready in the morning. Others have a feature that turns off if left unattended for an extended period of time, a safeguard that prevents accidental burns, wasting energy and wearing out the straightener. The best hair straightener will have a combination of both i.e quick heat-up times and auto-shut off.

Authenticity And Warranties

Steer clear of sketchy vendors and look out for questionable credentials, because the warranty that comes with good flat irons can vary from one to four years and can really give skeptical buyers peace of mind. Take stock of a seller’s reputation.

Flat Iron Reviews

GHD Classic 1 Inch Styler

GHD ClassicBeloved by countless beauty snobs, U.K.-based GHD (which stands for Good Hair Day) manufactures some of the best flat iron and most respected heat styling products around. Get in on the action by trying the Classic 1” Styler, a timeless device that has a black body, golden yellow pure ceramic plates and heats up to a safe yet effective 365 degrees—and stays there. Due to its popularity, it almost commands the need for universal voltage and will work anywhere with an outlet. The two-year warranty might not work for how long and how often people tend to use the styler, but it can curl hair and has a 9’ cord, which really makes a difference. It’s also great at saving power and goes to sleep after 30 minutes. Unfortunately, many GHD knock-offs are out there, so double-check before splurging on a sham.

GHD Eclipse

GHD EclipseSimilar to the Classic GHD Styler, possibly the best hair straightener on the market today is the GHD Eclipse. It draws buyers in with a 9’ cord and universal voltage, but this model looks sleeker, having a more angular shape and an all-black color scheme. Eclipse also heats up to and remains at 365 degrees, but reaches that temperature in just 20 seconds. Again, the sleep timer kicks in after a half hour like its Classic predecessor, but GHD extended the warranty on this fancier product to three years instead of two. Altogether, there’s not much of a difference between the GHD Eclipse and the Classic model, but both would be a recommended choice and have become very popular with all hair types.

Isa Professional Victorya

Isa Professional VictoryaIsa Professional’s swanky 1” ceramic-tourmaline flat iron hair straightener appears luxurious by way of its bright red solid plates and black exterior, but it will also leave those who use it looking like bombshells. “Victorya” uses SMART Automatic Temperature adjustment to accommodate hair as it straightens, removing the need for a control knob. This might take some of the work out of styling your hair; however, many people would rather trust a digital monitor. The cord reaches out to a paltry six feet long and the warranty lasts for a standard two years. Fortunately, “Victorya” makes up for this with universal voltage compatibility and the potential to double as a curling iron.

CHI Original Professional 1 Ceramic Flat Iron

CHI Original Professional 1 Ceramic Flat Iron CHI has been a household name in the hair world for years, overshadowing other brands with its brand recognition and superior quality gadgets, it is often considered to be the best hair straightener by those who own a pair. Used in salons and on the runway, the CHI flat iron has 1” ceramic-tourmaline plates which leave hair soft and shiny and are a yellowish color, allowing dirt to be seen better and cleaned sooner. Some would argue that the fixed temperature of 392 degrees is too hot for regular strands of hair, so this choice bodes better for thick hair and heavy-duty jobs as opposed to fine or brittle types. The CHI Original has a warranty that lasts for two years, but the iron’s outlet compatibility and voltage is unclear, and its cord leaves much to be desired.

6th Sense Professional Flat Iron FH-1

6th Sense Professional Flat Iron FH-1The natural-minded pros at 6th Sense Styling Technology knocked their best flat iron out of the park with intuitive features, eye-catching details and a microchip heating mechanism. Great for all types including long and thick hair, the FH-1 can spike up to 445 degrees in under 30 seconds but can adjust through increments through the digital controls. Their website describes the floating ceramic plates as “impregnated” with tourmaline, an apt way to illustrate how the straightener passes through hair with ease. The black exterior of the professional flat iron is black with a rainbow strip that lights up when ready for use, while the plates are a creamy gold. Along with universal voltage, the warranty lasts for four years and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not falling in love with the tool. Still included in the deal is a white mini hair straightener and curler and a carrying case for all your traveling hair essentials. Though SST’s item of interest rivals the big players like CHI and GHD, a huge negative for this iron is its pathetic 5.75’ cord, a major blemish on its appeal.

HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic

HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat IronA company which markets itself as a trusted beauty resource for high-end heat styling products, and keeps it professional with a utilitarian line of salon-grade tools, it is perfectly evident with the HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic flat iron. The ceramic-tourmaline floating plates on this black 1” straightener is all manual: a small wheel turns the heat up to a maximum of 450 degrees and will only turn off when you flip the switch. At the base of the 7’ swivel cord, a subtle hook allows the styler to be hung up on a hook, and its curved design works decently well for making curls. Though it has only a year-long warranty, this HSI straightener offers dual voltage and durability beyond the norm.

Remington T Studio S9620B

Remington T Studio S9620B If you’re after a Remington straightener, glide through your morning routine with the digital T Studio 2”, a ceramic plated behemoth that reaches 455 degrees in 15 seconds. It’s even more purple than its festive cousins listed in the below flat iron reviews; the plates themselves are purple and lie inside a mauve-toned body. This is a fantastic choice for thick, unruly manes making it the best flat iron for thick hair, and even has a lengthy warranty for four years. The cord is estimated at between six and seven feet in length and has 120v in power capacity. For forgetful folks, rest assured: the Remington T Studio shuts off after an hour of non-use.

xtava Pro-Satin Infrared

xtava Pro-Satin InfraredPossibly the best hair straightener for the money, this shiny and futuristic device from xtava utilizes ceramic tourmaline plates and infrared heat rays to reduce frizz and burning, and shows the desired temperature on a digital display, blinking until the goal temp is reached. The on-board microprocessor allows the choice of 10 different temperature settings, and the 2” plates cover a lot of surface area which can heat up to its maximum setting, 445 degrees, within 90 seconds. At eight feet long, the swivel cord beats out many of its competitors and its voltage is a slim 110v. This professional flat iron comes with an auto-shutoff feature and a two-year warranty.

Remington S9520

Remington Pearl StraightenerWell known for producing quality products ranging from top rated hair dryers to the new and more technological IPL laser machines, the 200-year-old company offers good hair straighteners for an array of styling needs too. The high-end S9520 with 2” ceramic pearl floating plates, also known as the Remington Pearl straightener, is a truly stunning piece of manufacturing. This product boasts lilac purple plates with color-coordinated digital controls, automatic shut-off, and even a temperature lock. Its intensity is made clear by reaching 450 degrees in 15 seconds, hooking up at 120v. Sadly, the 6’ swivel cord might be a deal breaker for pickier customers, in spite of the four-year warranty.

Remington S5500

Remington S5500Last but not least of our top rated flat iron reviews comes the Remington S5500 Anti Static. Bold and brightly designed, the dark purple Remington 1” straightener with ceramic floating plates comes with the digital display and color-coordinated controls typical for the brand, and has a satisfying cord length at seven feet long. Heating up to 410 degrees in 30 seconds, this stylish tool will turn off automatically after an hour, operates at 120v and has a modest two-year warranty but is most likely to last you much longer.