About Us

Hi and thanks for visiting this page to find out more about me and my site.

CharlotteI am Charlotte, a 27 year old Professional Hair Stylist living in New York. A self confessed shop-a-holic and aspiring beautician, I love all things chic, and you could say i’m just a typical “girly girl.” During my spare time I love meeting with my girls or just relaxing around the apartment doing my nails or watching TV with my cat which I adore. In recent times I have dedicated much more of my spare time to blogging, and the creation of prideofhair.com in particular.

I started this website because I have always been interested in hair products and styling, whether it’s for removal of it, or treating what I have, which is also why I chose to pursue this profession. For example, im always looking for the best straightener for my locks which always turns into a curly mess after a shower. Curly is good at times, but not with the frizz that comes with it! I had a GHD Classic for years, and now am settled with the Eclipse, but had many others in-between. Also, epilators, which always seem to break down on me after a few months, are something which I can share my knowledge about extensively! IPL machines? Well I can’t really afford one right now but the thought of laser technology to remove hair sounds very fancy and appealing.

As you can tell, i’m always up for trying out new products, and take a keen interest in anything beauty related, hence reading and comparing extensively before making the purchase. Which brings me to this site. Everything I have been interested in buying recently I have compared and reviewed on this website to share my thoughts and knowledge. I hope you find the pages informative and can use my reviews to your advantage. If there are any requests you have for example any products which you’d like me to evaluate, compare or review, feel free to contact me and i’ll see what can be done.

Many thanks,